What is wellness?

October 13, 2009 at 4:54pm

The 5 pillars of Health and Wellness

The Holmes Organisation Our Concept of Health and Wellness

                 Wellness is a concept beyond health. True wellness is largely determined by how you live your life.  After reading Achieving Fitness, it is my hope that you chose to live your from this day forward with vitality and meaning, ready and capable of change and growth, eating well, exercising and making good sound lifestyle choices. 

                 Wellness has many facets: The first is of course physical-taking care of your body. Second, emotional wellness is a major factor in our daily lives, Optimism, trust, self-esteem, self reliance and self acceptance, self-control are pillars of support in a fit and healthy life.

 Intellectual wellness is one’s ability to question, think critically, be creative, and curious, willing to try new things and motivated to work toward mastering them.

 Spiritual wellness is a must but it can come in many forms. Finding love, compassion, forgiveness, altruism and joy are the rewards but also developing the ability to face anger, fear, anxiety, cynicism and pessimism especially in difficult times.

 Social and environmental wellness are dimensions that include political action, good works on behalf of mankind, appreciation of art and nature, friends and family, support networks and a sense of community. These categories summarize our entire existence, the concept that all things are tied together, our actions and emotions and individuals and as population are woven together in the great tapestry of life. ‘Wellness’ is achieved through total fitness of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Obviously not a new concept but certainly a time tested one. Improved fitness and maximizing your potential in these areas leads to improved self-esteem and confidence, confidence leads to productivity and happiness. Being a powerful person of body and spirit on the inside emanates to all things around you, the people in your life and endeavors you take on that is complete or symbiotic wellness. We firmly believe in a dynamic and multifaceted approach to helping people achieve personal fitness goals, weight loss, improved sleep habits and healthy nutrition habits, and ultimately better ‘lifestyle’ choices through the constant growth and change that mind body and spiritual training offers.

 We all are never absolutely fit in all aspects of our lives. We start to put it together when we are young when things aren’t so complicated. We age adapting and changing to the new challenges the world presents us. We forge the personal tools to deal and cope with life and our understanding of the human condition.

 True Wellness is when you know that you are personally prepared and fit for the challenges of tomorrow, whatever they may be. The Holmes Organisation is proud to support and encourage Health and Wellness initiatives for it’s employees and to extend those opportunities to it’s clients.

Live Well….Work Well!


My three favorite Mottos
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Theodore Roosevelt
“Do common things uncommonly well” Unknown
“Never give up on dreams you cannot go a day without thinking about.” Unknown


What is wellness?

I have heard this word in commercials, and on the news a lot more lately but what exactly is “WELLNESS”.

Simply put, WELLNESS IS THE OPPOSITE OF SICKNESS’. The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is finally finding some fertile ground in workplaces throughout our city. Traditionally, we wait until we are sick, injured or are diagnosed with a life threatening illness or disease before we get serious about taking care of ourselves. Let’s look at like this..would you drive your car with reckless abandon, pour all kinds of different fuels into the tank…pay no attention to the warning lights… never get a tune up or even an oil change and expect the car to run flawlessly.  When it comes to personal health many people don’t take care of their bodies until flames are coming from under the hood.

Your body is a wonderful machine but it needs maintenance, service and proper fuel and fluids. The key to keeping a car on the road well beyond 200,000 miles is preventative maintenance and proper day to day operation. If you don’t have the time, money, drive or ability to improve your health, prevent sickness or disease when you feel good…..What makes you think you will have the time, money, drive or ability to improve your health once you have lost it. Put it this way …“You can make time for wellness now…or you can make time for sickness later!”

Eric Moon- a. k.a. the ‘wellness dude’, loving his job as  Health and Wellness coach at The Holmes Organisation in Tulsa, OK

Eric Moon- a. k.a. the ‘wellness dude’, loving his job as  Health and Wellness coach at The Holmes Organisation in Tulsa, OK